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Chrome OS 101: How to save and retrieve files

About three years ago, I was shopping for a Chromebook to take on a business trip — I wanted something lightweight enough to carry around all day and inexpensive enough that I wouldn’t mind as much when I spilled coffee on the keyboard. I was considering two different models when a sales rep came over to see if I needed help. “You’re aware,” he said, “that these are Chromebooks, right? They only work online; you can’t save any files to the hard drive.”

It wasn’t the first time I’ve caught a sales rep in a mistake, of course. But this is a mistake that seems to have persisted.

Yes, Chromebooks were created to be used predominantly online — in fact, when the first Chrome OS laptops were introduced in 2011, there were very few apps that could be used offline, which was a major flaw. But that was then, and this is now.


Author: Salih Akçay

Hey, Guys, I'm Efe Salih. I have been graduated from Pennsylvania University Department of Metallurgical Engineering. My Doctorate MBA From Bogazici University.

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