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Did You Hear Any Laptop Only 1000 gr !!

New Asus UX430 series only 1000 gr. Technological improvements more speeding day by day and Asus keep pace with it.

As the ZenBook was built, it was a powerful ultra-portable notebook type, but the elegant and crafty ZenBook UX430 seemed to make a difference: a 13-inch ZenBook with a beautiful 13-inch screen is available. The common problem of portable notebooks is the ease of handling and lightness.

The incredible ZenBook UX430 provides both, making it possible to achieve the impossible. I was very surprised when I started studying at the fair in Berlin. I guess you won’t believe your eyes the first time you see it.

If we consider the ZenBook UX430U in the final analysis, we can clearly say that if you are not looking for a gaming-oriented laptop, it will leave you satisfied. For students, professional cuts and a light and stylish model for everyday use, the ZenBook UX430U can also be listed.

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