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Elon Musk don’t gonna receive money from Saudi Arabia for Tesla

In an interview with Recode, “podcast”, Musk said, “It seems pretty bad. That’s not good. I think we’ll probably not buy money from Saudi Arabia.” used expressions.

Musk, the Twitter account in August on the $ 420 per share offer the company wants to withdraw from the New York stock market had made headlines. In a detailed statement made later, Musk said that in the last two years, the Saudis repeatedly contacted him to withdraw Tesla from the stock exchange. received

The founder of the Virgin Group, billionaire Richard Branson, had suspended tourism negotiations with the Saudi Arabian government and two investment projects for Virgin’s space business after Kasikci’s murder.

In the same way, the Gates Foundation, led by Microsoft’s founding partner Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, decided to halt the future of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Selman.

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