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Great Success from Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s model, Model 3, has achieved a great success in the United States has reached the top of this important list! Tesla announced that the Model 3 electric vehicle was awarded a 5-star safety rating by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Tests with the test dummy showed that Model 3 had the lowest injury rate among all cars tested. Model X carried that title in second order.

Commenting on vehicle safety, Tesla said: “Many companies are trying to produce cars that perform well in crash tests, and every automobile company claims to be safe, but when a real accident occurs, the test results are the best way to avoid serious injury if you use a Tesla.” It shows. ”

NHTSA tested Model 3 in the new Vehicle Assessment Program. With a series of crash tests he calculated “the probability of serious bodily injury for front, side and overturning accidents”. While NHTSA was determined to have a probability of injury in the Model 3, around 5.7%, these values ​​were roughly 6.4% in Model S and 6.5% in Model X.

Tesla outlined several reasons for the vehicle’s strong safety performance. The most noteworthy is that the battery and electric motors are as close to the ground as possible, giving the vehicle a very low center of gravity. This in particular minimizes the chance of the vehicle tipping over from side-to-side collisions.

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