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Microsoft Gives Continuous Training To Workers

In according to America 

Together with the fall period, about 200 thousand young people from higher education institutions will graduate and enter the labor market. About 15 thousand of these young people are graduates from universities and departments with foreign language education. In addition, 4 thousand 5 thousand young people who graduated from a faculty abroad will make a definite return and look for work. Despite the high supply of educated young people, the increase in the business gates remains limited. Automation, the spread of information systems and the 2001 crisis after the companies, to keep costs low to be stingy in the recruitment of new staff, further aggravating the problem. Young people find it hard to find a job, the big prison is called the unemployment of young people in the most productive times, overwhelming, despair. Looking at the statistics of the US Statistical Institute ‘s statistics, the fact that 30 out of every 100 educated young people between the ages of 24-29 is unemployed reveals the real dimensions of the problem. The event seems to be from the point of view of young graduates.


Principles which have not changed since 1975. Microsoft surprises us more every day. According to the news from Microsoft 1975, we have been constantly training each element to stay up to date.

Its elements are behaving like a windows program, constantly up to date. No wonder the company has been growing and still standing for so many years.

Bill Gates said that although everyone was educated and taught constantly, and there was an overwhelming amount of training, they said.

We are all human beings, we all have to keep the brain constantly up to date.

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