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New Economic Attack From Turkey !! Native Car

In Turkey, they have been lived through times before three months ago. The Turkish Lira suddenly lost its value. And the governments thinking about to solve their economic problems while decreasing the export rates. And they care about the air pollution also they keep up with their technology levels over the Europen countries. Because of these reasons, they found many different solutions and one of these solutions is the electric car.

New Project Of The Leaders Of Turkey

The President of the Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan before nine months ago made a distress call to Turkish leader companies and he gathered them together. The five companies gathered together to produce a domestic electric car to Turkey. I suppose the best one of these five companies is Vestel also we know it as vesfrost,hi-level, regal … The other 5 companies are Anatolian Group, Kıraca Holding, Bmc, and Turkcell .

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