Tuesday , December 10 2019
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Chrome OS 101: How to save and retrieve files

About three years ago, I was shopping for a Chromebook to take on a business trip — I wanted something lightweight enough to carry around all day and inexpensive enough that I wouldn’t mind as much when I spilled coffee on the keyboard. I was considering two different models when …

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Alexa’s real competition is still your phone screen

One of the big themes we’ve been tracking for a few years now is Amazon’s various attempts to make Alexa useful outside your home. Amazon has a very good value proposition for customers inside their houses: Echo speakers are great for music, timers and such in the kitchen, and smarthome …

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Amazon announces Alexa-integrated glasses and ring

Amazon wants its Alexa voice assistant to leave the home and be with you everywhere you go, and is turning to wearable technology to achieve this. Unveiled at an event in Seattle on Wednesday, Amazon’s new Echo Frames smart glasses, Echo Loop ring and Echo Buds aim to put Alexa on …

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US uses Google Translate to vet refugees

A staff manual said pasting text into tools such as Google Translate and Bing was “the most efficient approach”. News site ProPublica said online tools often mistranslated sentences and misinterpreted nuance and slang. But the USCIS told the news site that checking social media posts was a “common-sense measure”. The agency said …

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Elon Musk upbeat on Starship test flights

The American entrepreneur Elon Musk has given a further update on his Starship and Super Heavy rocket system. He plans to use the new vehicles to send people to the Moon and Mars, and also to move them swiftly around the Earth. The SpaceX CEO is in the process of …

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