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Otonom Cars Will Be On The Roads In ‘2019’

SlashGear reports that next year, autonomous taxis will be launched in San Jose, California. The vehicles can go on their own without human interaction, the autonomous level is said to be 4/5.

Daimler will use the special four-door Mercedes S-Class sedans. The production version of the vehicles will include features such as cruise control and lane support. The driving pilot will be equipped with more technology.

In the meantime, there will be at least four new LIDAR scanners that give a 360-degree view of the environment in autonomous vehicles.

More LIDAR and camera to be mounted on the bumpers. Bosch provides the sensors and control units for converting the S-Class cars into a self-driving vehicle.

According to the information given, autonomous vehicles will be presented to a “selected user community” in the San Carlos and Stevens Creek corridor.

Daimler didn’t name the autonomous taxi service. Whether there is a driver for safety in vehicles or whether the vehicle will be monitored remotely is unclear.

However, autonomous taxis will go to the place where they are called with an application and then automatically take customers to their programmed destinations. The test is expected to start in the second half of 2019.

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