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Strange Sounds From Antarctica Are Screaming!

Antarctica is no stranger to strange sounds. After all, the glaciers are constantly melting and the air trapped beneath the surface is released out for many years. Scientists’ new voice is more frightening than usual.

The sound is rising from the Ross Ice Area in Western Antarctica.

The sound detected by the ultra-sensitive sound sensors resembles aliens or haunted houses in the Class B movies but reveals the warm-up and melting process.

Julien Chaput, an environmental monitoring expert at Colorado State University, is one of the scientists who discovered the strange voice.

Julien Chaput, “Spectral anomalies indicate that high seismic waves are trapped in meters of snow.” used expressions.

Author: Burak Can

I'm Graduated from Marmara University 2018 Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Now I'm interested in technology which interests everyone.

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