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Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, Invites Users to Protest the EU

The EU is working on a copy of copyright law. After this amendment, it is thought that a serious audit decision will be applied especially on the internet.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, recently announced in an open letter that this amendment would bring huge restrictions on video content sharing for users

Speaking about YouTube every three months, Wojcicki published an open letter, this time in his letter a slightly moody picture. “Protest the amendment of the law that the EU is planning to make on copyright,” Wojcicki said.

13th article of the Bill of Copyrights, channel owners to ordinary users to everyone, YouTube and similar platforms will bring a barrier to upload videos, “the CEO said, in this case in the future on similar platforms, only a group of media organizations and companies can do video uploads, he said.

Wojcicki’s statement on the declaration of the EU made a statement on the subject;  AB We are open to everyone who wants to make a useful and constructive contribution to the law-making process, but it is a total nonsense to use this process to make claims that the EU is against the Internet.

The EU Commission does not have users of YouTube and other platforms. As far as they do, they will then be able to continue to download recipes or other creative content, for example, to protect the rights of the copyright holders and to ensure that they are paid better in exchange for their content. “

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