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Thanks to Amazon, we become inactive and economic !

From the moment the Amazon and its rivals came to the internet, people have now even made vegetable purchases online. There are a lot of great and at the same time surprising things among the habits of such companies in America.

First of all, we want to talk about being economical, then how to engage in inertial life, we will share with you in this article if we are an anti-social person. Amazon is an e-commerce site that sells only on the internet.

When you spend a lot of time on a site where cheap products are so much, it’s pretty late for everything when you realize that you’ve spent more than half of your money or your salary.

It does not have such a habit in Turkey, but we know very well that such habits will begin to enter into the Amazon to Turkey in Istanbul now people, especially because now they hate each other.

The fact that people who do not even look at their faces in the subway are so anti-social and imprison them in houses and not in stores. So in fact, the population increases.

People are just going home to work. The biggest dream is to get rid of public transport and to travel alone when people are able to drive through the car imaginary vehicle loan, as it is the problem of traffic and population.


Author: Salih Akçay

Hey, Guys, I'm Efe Salih. I have been graduated from Pennsylvania University Department of Metallurgical Engineering. My Doctorate MBA From Bogazici University.

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