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Volkswagen Rolls Handles to Produce Electric Cars Under $ 23K

Volkswagen (VW) has rolled up its sleeves to enter the electric car business, the vehicles of the future. Even though it has not yet been officially announced, Volkswagen will appear in the next few years with a wide range of electric cars. The vehicle to be produced is estimated to be under $ 23,000.

According to Reuters, Volkswagen has already prepared plans to produce a highly affordable vehicle. If Volkswagen is able to do so, it can also pave the way for other automobile manufacturers to produce electric cars.
VW, which met with 3 different companies for this project, is considering making serious investments in the production of affordable electric cars if it succeeds in convincing those companies. Currently, 3 companies are unknown.
While it is not yet known whether taxes are included in the 23,000 dollar price, the estimates are that taxes are not included in the price. If VW can achieve this, it will certainly attract many users to the ranks of the electric car.

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